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Who We Are

Love in the Lead Service Dog Program

Who We Are

Love in the Lead
Service Dog Program

Love in the Lead provides professionally trained service dogs throughout the US and Canada. With over 20 years experience and qualified staff that have been licensed through accredited organizations, we provide the highest quality service that follows industry standards in the training, testing, and placement of our service dogs. 

A service dog is a major investment of both time and resources, so we do our best to find the highest quality dogs, provide the most reliable and effective training, and provide extensive team training and follow up support. 

Love in the Lead Service Dog Program
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Unbeatable Customer Service

We involve our clients from start to finish, providing regular updates on their dog's training, extensive training during team training/placement, and unlimited follow up support for the life of the dog.

Selection Process

Our dogs are acquired through local, reputable breeders and we assess and hand select each of our puppies to ensure we are starting with the best possible dogs. Our dogs are raised by professional trainers with the help of volunteer puppy raisers. After they undergo 6-8 months of professional training, they are available to be matched with applicants. This process allows us to asses each dog's temperament and suitabiliy before they are matched with a client. We work directly with our clients to match them with the most suitable dog for their needs. Matching is based on the type of tasks needed, preferred breed, and the size and temperament of the dog.

Training Program

Our training program has been developed from many years of experience in the field of service and guide dog training. Our training staff have received training and licensing from internationally accredited programs and organizations. Our dog training and client instruction follow industry standards set by the International Guide Dog Federation and Assistance Dogs International.


We believe in transparency and consistent communication. We provide our clients with consistent updates during the matching process as well as during their dog's final phase of service dog training. Email updates, photos, and videos are all provided during the dog's training.

Lifetime Support

We provide unlimited, free follow-up support for the life of the service dog. We also provide a 6 month and 12 month in-person (or virtual) check-in after each team has graduated. These visits allow for continued evaluation and support to ensure the team's ongoing success.

I don’t know where to begin in sharing all the positive experiences I’ve had with Love in the Lead. From my first phone call with Rebecca to my placement training with my service dog I always felt so much support from her and her trainers. I am so so grateful to all the staff (especially Rebecca and Rob) for finding and training the perfect dog for me and my situation. They are very knowledgeable in what they do and I cannot recommend them enough for any dog training needs ranging from obedience to service work. They truly are such a special team!

Helen M. & Lincoln

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in obtaining and training my service dog!! Rebecca and her team are there for you all along the ride and help the placement at home go incredibly smooth. I can’t say enough good things about Love in the Lead. Rebecca helped find the perfect puppy for me and my needs! She really listened to which tasks I needed for PTSD, anxiety, and POTs (mobility) and solidified his training with both of us. I am one happy service dog owner!

Jill K. & Fawkes

Our sweet Bailey was the first to arrive at Love in the Lead. She is learning how to be a service dog for our daughter. We missed her so while she spent her time there but the numerous emails, pictures, and videos kept her close to our hearts. Rebecca is amazing and I cannot believe how amazing she is with our Bailey and other people’s pets as well. Bailey is heading back in January for a 2 month visit for her final part of the training. Although it takes time, we are going to miss her like crazy, she’s going to come home and still love us and help my daughter when in a time of need. None better than Love in the Lead. Worth every penny!

Marni M. & Bailey

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